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The World United - Magnetic Bookmark For Your Quran

The World United - Magnetic Bookmark For Your Quran

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Inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the global diversity of Islam. The rich tones contrasted with a soft backdrop and continuous pattern of a prolific Islamic graphic - the eight point star - serve as a reminder that strong and together, we are a united Ummah.

The Quranic quote mention on one of the  bookmarks in the collection is "If you are grateful, I will give you more."~ Quran 14:7

Every purchase from you results in a 3% donation towards a charitable cause of your choice (you can pick from select charities in your cart).

    Product Details:

    • Set of 2 Magnetic Bookmarks

      Weight and Dimensions

      • Size: 4cm X 4cm
      • Weight: 15 grams
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