Our Story

The MuslimMoon, was conceptualized during the winter of 2017, when our 3 year old daughter came back home from school excited about the festivities of the season. As any child would, she was fascinated by the vibrant decorations and lighting that adorned her school, the many homes in our neighbourhood, the malls and stores. 

It dawned on us then, that our child knew more about other festivities before we had the chance to explain 'Eid' to her. It was at this moment, we realised, there was a need for a creative way to engage our youth with this beautiful religion of ours. 

The MuslimMoon has designed a range of products in hopes to provide our youth with a respectfully fun, memorable, colourful and child-appropriate connection to their 'Deen'.

We have many other fun products on their way to you as well. So stay tuned!

Natasha Husain & Yasser Mirza

Founders of The MuslimMoon