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From The Eyes of X - Kaaba - Limited Edition

From The Eyes of X - Kaaba - Limited Edition

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Our 'From the eyes of X' collection is inspired by Malcom X Shabazz's spiritual journey of Hajj. This collection of prayer mats prominently features the Kaaba from the 1960s. The monochrome design is accented with a golden X that represents equality. This is a limited edition series with only 200 prayers mats

Where is your money is going?

Proceeds from the sales of 'From the Eyes of X' prayer mats will go to support the following charities:

$5 will go to Black Men Heal, and help to normalize the conversation of emotional health among men of color, and create safe spaces for black men to be vulnerable, heal, and develop positive emotional health practices.

$10 will go to The Pilgrimage Foundation Inc. towards strengthening the STEM Academy and providing for a better tomorrow for underprivileged children at The Malcom X Shabazz High School.

NOTE: For customers outside North America, additional shipping, custom and duties may apply. Please email us on to get further details.

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